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Payment related

  • What is our exchange rate?

    Our latest Exchange Rate is 1 AUD= 5.50 RMB, effective from 18/04/2014.

  • What is my Prepay account?

    It’s the cash balance in your 65daigou account. It can be used to pay for your new orders or bills. All your top up and refund from cancelled orders or orders out of stock will be credited into your Prepay account.

  • How to top up my Prepay account?

    We accept top up through Paypal at the current moment. You can refer to “Quick Guide -> Payment” for more detail.

  • Can I “withdraw” my Prepay account balance?

    Since the balance top up is done via PayPal or credit card (to be available soon), it can only be fully or partially refunded back to the original source. Cash withdrawal is not available.

    Please take note: The actual amount of the refund may be affected by currency exchange rate fluctuations between Australian Dollar and Singapore Dollar

  • How to check if my Top Up is successful?

    Under "My Prepay" you can see the all the recent top up history. From there you check if a top up is successful, rejected or still pending verification.

  • Can I know the overall cost before placing orders?

    1st Payment (product payment) can be viewed when checking out orders. 2nd payment (international shipping fee & agent fee) cannot be confirmed before placing order, because the international shipping fee depends on the actual weight/volumetric weight of your items, which we don’t know until the orders are received. However, if you can estimate the weight/volumetric weight, you can do estimation by yourself by using our Cost Calculator .

Order related

  • Can I modify or cancel orders?

    It depends on the status of your orders. Before your orders are processed, you can go to “my orders” and click “edit” to modify or cancel orders. To modify, you can replace or add new remarks; to cancel, you can write “cancel this order” in order remarks, we will then process accordingly. However, once the order is processed, you will be unable to see the “edit” button and the order cannot be modified or cancelled any more.

  • Can I add new orders?

    Yes, you can add in new orders anytime. However in order to ship all orders together in one parcel, please understand the shipping rules and how to use the “hold” function. You can refer to "Home > Quick Guide > Shipping and charges > Order Consolidation".

  • Can I get seller’s promotion or discount price?

    You can enjoy all promotion price or conditional offers (eg. free local courier with a minimum spending amount), sometimes our EZ-buy function cannot capture such special price, but you can manually edit the price if you fulfill the condition and write in the remark accordingly.

  • Is there any minimum purchase required?

    No, no minimum purchase required. You can order any amount of items or price. However, to order a few items to ship together is more economic, as the international shipping fee for 1st 500g is higher. In addition, the shipping fee is calculated as per every 500g, means the shipping fee is the same for one piece of 100g item or four pieces of 100g items.

Shipping related

  • Why is my item heavier than it weights?

    The item may have a larger volumetric weight.

  • What is volumetric weight and Chargeable weight?

    Volumetric weight is calculated based on the space it occupies. Chargeable weight is the parcel's final weight when it's shipped. Please refer to quick guide related sessions for more details.

  • Can I ship over-sized items?

    Yes, but over-length fee will be incurred if the length of item exceeds 1.2 meters for air shipment. The actual charge depends on the product type and length, will be advised before shipping out.

  • Can I ship fragile items?

    Yes, we do ship some of the fragile items but not all of them. Certain items are very difficult to be protected well, like big mirrors, extremely delicate carvings, etc. They have a high chance to get damaged during international shipping. We can try our best to help you protect and ship, but we will not compensate if it's still damaged.

After-Sales Services

  • Are you responsible for bad quality, unauthentic or functionality issue?

    We don't possess the relevant knowledge to test or differentiate these aspects of a product, so we are not responsible if you think the product's quality, authenticity, functionality is not as described by the seller. Normally we suggest you to buy from reputable shops. However, please still bear in mind that there could be small but inevitable risks doing online shopping.

  • What if I get wrong item? Missing item?

    65daigou aims to provide you a worry-free and hassle-free shopping experience; therefore, we are responsible for every item you purchased through 65daigou.

    For items bought via our daigou service, if related to wrong color, wrong design, or missing items during international shipping, we will refund to you on case by case basis. Please refer to Quick Guide - Policy - Return & Refund Policy for details

  • How Can I return the wrong item to you?

    Pls communicate with after-sale team via email or enquires first for all return item. Upon agreement, it can be returned in original condition to our local office by post. Returns without agreement will not be accepted and we will not be responsible if these returns are lost or damaged due to the absence of tracking records. Detail procedure can refer to “ Policy - Return & Refund Policy

  • Can I exchange another size/color with the seller after receiving my order?

    Yes, you can, but it's subject to the seller's approval. You can feedback the request to us, we will help you negotiate with the seller. You may need to bear all the shipping cost incurred during the exchange.

  • Can I get a refund from the seller if the product has quality issue?

    It depends, not all sellers will offer refund. Refund policies vary. Typical solutions provided by sellers are partial refund or return the product for full refund, repairing, one to one exchange etc. We can help you negotiate with the sellers for possible solutions after receiving your feedback on the issue with supporting pictures and descriptions. You may as well bear the shipping cost incur during the process. However, some of the sellers may reject any form of compensation if they deny the responsibility of the product issues.


  • How to calculate weight?

    Our calculation of weight strictly follows international shipping standard.

    • Unit weight: 0.5KG. For weight less than 0.5KG it will be treated as 0.5KG for shipping fee calculation.
    • Actual weight: Weight of an item alone without packaging and etc.
    • Volumetric weight: The cost of shipments can be affected by the amount of space taken up on an aircraft / vessel, rather than the actual weight. This is the volumetric (or dimensional) weight. Volumetric weight is calculated as follows: length (cm) × width (cm) × high (cm) ÷ 5000 = Weight (KG) The volumetric weight of a shipment is a calculation that reflects its density. A less dense shipment generally occupies more volume of space, in comparison to its actual weight. A reference for volumetric weight:
    • Chargeable Weight: In accordance to international shipping standard, due to parcel packaging weight and spaces between items, whole parcel’s chargeable weight is around 1.1 times the sum of each item’s actual weight or volumetric weight, whichever is larger. 65daigou will weigh and label each item in our China receiving warehouse.

      65daigou will weigh and label each item. International shipping fee will be calculated after verification. We want to make sure international shipping cost is accurate and clear for you.

  • Why use Daigou service?
    • Low shipping cost: International shipping cost of 65daigou is much lower than DHL, FedEx and etc.

      We provide various shipment modes, which satisfy different needs.

    • Safe and Secure: This is a Singapore registered company under ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority). We help you inspect each item before shipping them to Australia in order to eliminate the risk of purchasing online.
    • Easy and convenient: With 65daigou, everything is just few clicks away. We help you communicate with seller, place orders, inspect items and consolidate goods to save total shipping cost.
  • Charges
    • International Shipping Cost:
      Shipment Type Destination Charges (according to Chargeable Weight)
      DHL Express shipment Inner Region AUD$20 for first 500g, AUD$6.5 for every subsequent 500g
      Economy Air Inner Region AUD$14 for first 500g, AUD$4.5 for every subsequent 500g
      Outer Region AUD$17 for first 500g, AUD$12 for every subsequent 500g
      Special shipment Inner Region AUD$21 for first 500g, AUD$7 for every subsequent 500g

      Region Definition

      State Destination Hub Region Definition
      NSW SYDNEY Inner Region
      OTHER CITIES Inner Region
      Australian Capital Territory
      ACT CANBERRA Inner Region
      OTHER CITIES Inner Region
      VIC MELBOURNE Inner Region
      OTHER CITIES Inner Region
      QLD BRISBANE Inner Region
      OTHER CITIES Inner Region
      TAS HOBART Inner Region
      OTHER CITIES Inner Region
      SA ADELAIDE Inner Region
      OTHER CITIES Outer Region
      WA PERTH Outer Region
      OTHER CITIES Outer Region
      NT DARWIN Inner Region
      OTHER CITIES Outer Region

    • Agent Fee:

      -8% of total product payment (including domestic shipping fee) + International shipping cost for standard member

      -6% of total product payment (including domestic shipping fee) + International shipping cost for VIP member

      -Only 4% of total product payment (including domestic shipping fee) + International shipping cost for SVIP member

      You can use Cost Calculator to estimate your total cost

  • How to pay?

    PayPal is accepted

    Payment through PayPal is accepted. Additional 3.0%of the transaction amount plus AUD$0.50 of processing fee per transaction will be charged.

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